The bolo'bolo collective hosts a number of events, including the annual Cape Town Anarchist Bookfair, the Anarchist Winter School and occasional documentary screenings.

May - July 2015:
The Anarchist Winter School - register now!

The bolo'bolo collective is excited to announce the launch of the Anarchist Winter School – an eight week introduction to anarchism, anarchy and anarchists.

Over the past few years, through running our now ex-infoshop, hosting reading groups, publishing books and generally conspiring to sow the seeds of dissent as far as we can, we've had all sorts of interesting conversations with people about our anarchist views. One of the things we've noticed is that it's often hard for people to get a decent grasp of what it is we're on about. We throw around terms like insurrection, hegemony and prefiguration without always explaining what they mean, and we speak enthusiastically about the Ukraine in 1920, Spain in 1936 and Paris in 1968, seldom bothering to clarify just what it is we find so compelling about these random moments in history.

After a lot of careful consideration, we've decided that it would be useful to host a structured beginner's course on anarchism for those who are new to these ideas but want to explore them further.

Our course is provisionally structured to last eight weeks and will cover a large amount of ground, from the history and basic ideas of anarchism to the multiple ways in which people have thought about and applied it in their own times and places. We'll also look at what anarchism is not, comparing it to various other political philosophies like Marxism and liberalism, and attempt to collectively develop an anarchist understanding of the present time, asking each other why the world is so messed up and what anarchists can do about it. Beyond this, we'll explore the proto-anarchies many anthropologists have written about, using this as a basis for reflecting on the various other ways we could live our lives.

The course will be focused on practical outcomes and we're hoping that various groups and initiatives will emerge from it. To keep things exciting, we'll also be sharing video interviews with a wide range of anarchists from around the world so that you can hear multiple opinions on the subjects we're exploring.

We're really excited about this new project and we hope you'll join us for it. To register, drop us an email at We also welcome any feedback you may have!

Venue: Observatory Community Centre
Cost: Donation-based
Time: 2pm-4pm, Saturdays

With love and anarchy,
The bolo'bolo collective

WHY ANARCHISM? Because the future is ours.

WHY ANARCHISM? So that Marikana never happens again.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because the future is unwritten.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because property is theft.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because we live in an oppressive society.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because real freedom is bound up in real equality.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because government is violence.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because what we have been doing has not been working.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because things are really, really bad.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because nobody knows better than you how to live your life.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because reform will not work.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because democracy is a sham.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because it worked for 98% of human history.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because capitalism is a pyramid scheme.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because my veins do not end in my body.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because we are too young to wait.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because there is no authority but yourself.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because the state doesn't care about you.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because an anarchist's heart is a kingdom.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because we love power and hate authority.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because it sounds like much more fun.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because boundless growth is a fiction.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because we all need bread, love, little things and one another.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because no one should have to strike for bread.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because we're all being exploited.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because beauty is who we are.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because the state is just a legitimate gang.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because there's no planet B.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because voting only encourages them.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because one person should never be the master of another.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because mutual aid works better than ruthless competition.