We publish a variety of titles, including several books, a ton of zines and our currently hibernating anarchist newspaper, Incendiary Times.

These are available at a number of bookshops in Cape Town and Johannesburg. If you're interested in purchasing any of our titles directly from us, drop us a mail.



A new expanded edition of this one-of-a-kind book by Sam Mbah and I.E. Igariwey, essential for anyone with an interest in radical politics on the African continent. Now in its third bolo'bolo printing!


The first in the bolo'bolo guide series. Covering classic and contemporary writings from a wide range of anarchists spanning the globe, this new introductory compilation from the bolo’bolo collective explores the theories and practices of anarchism and reflects on what it means to be an anarchist in the early 21st century.

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A classic of green anarchy.

“ Ideology operates like a narrative that domesticates by way of its own systemic standardization. It expands like a virus, or transparent and mimetic plague, which expresses itself in trends or in name-brand identities. No one sees it, no one feels it, no one touches it, yet everyone speaks with its tongue. It strangles the mind—which is connected to a server or a mainframe—and plugs in the eyes. It reproduces itself mechanically and accumulates unsatisfied desires in an oscillating spiral. This spiral is like the pleats of an accordion or, better yet, an artificial heart sounding its own agony. The beating of this false heart will continue until the empire rearms, the government regroups, castes are revived, or until the system collapses, a victim of its own decadence. ”

INCENDIARY TIMES (currently in hibernation)

INCENDIARY TIMES is an irregular anarchist newspaper published by the bolo'bolo collective and friends. There's a real dearth of radical print media in South Africa and we're hoping to help address that in our own modest way with our independent and non-commercial project. Our newspaper is not, however, just another collection of marketing leaflets from a cultish organisation trying to recruit you into our ranks; what INCENDIARY TIMES instead aims to be is a collection of insurrectionary love letters, tied to bricks and hurled across the barricades towards the grey facade of spectacle and corporate hegemony that one day, soon, we hope to smash.

If you’d like to contribute content of any kind to future editions—articles, reviews, poetry, art, letters, pressing questions or recipes for revolution—then get in touch:


Our third issue, focusing on anarchist perspectives on voting and electoral democracy.

You can view this and other issues of the newspaper at:


Our second issue, exploring anarchist critiques of liberalism.

You can view this and other issues of the newspaper at:


Our launch issue.

You can view this and other issues of the newspaper at:

WHY ANARCHISM? Because the future is ours.

WHY ANARCHISM? So that Marikana never happens again.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because the future is unwritten.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because property is theft.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because we live in an oppressive society.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because real freedom is bound up in real equality.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because government is violence.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because what we have been doing has not been working.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because things are really, really bad.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because nobody knows better than you how to live your life.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because reform will not work.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because democracy is a sham.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because it worked for 98% of human history.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because capitalism is a pyramid scheme.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because my veins do not end in my body.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because we are too young to wait.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because there is no authority but yourself.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because the state doesn't care about you.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because an anarchist's heart is a kingdom.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because we love power and hate authority.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because it sounds like much more fun.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because boundless growth is a fiction.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because we all need bread, love, little things and one another.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because no one should have to strike for bread.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because we're all being exploited.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because beauty is who we are.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because the state is just a legitimate gang.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because there's no planet B.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because voting only encourages them.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because one person should never be the master of another.

WHY ANARCHISM? Because mutual aid works better than ruthless competition.